How do you secure the rain fly on the Coleman Weathermaster 6 Screened Tent?

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I am not new at tent camping but I am lost on how to secure the rain fly on my new tent. There are no hooks or really anything on the rope to secure it to anything. There's the rain fly, rope attached to it then it drapes down. What do I attach it to? There is a small black plastic piece that the rope lopes through twice at the end. I tried attaching that to a stake but it comes right out. PLEASE HELP!

Coleman has a contact at the bottom of the Weathermaster description page.

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In the old days, a taut-line hitch was used to tie-down lines to a tent.

TAUT LINE HITCHThis is another of the camping knots we use most frequently. It is an adjustable knot, meaning you can adjust the tension of your rope that is attached between two objects, when you use this knot. You use this knot when it is important for the line to be pulled taut if it should sag. Some of the ways we this knot are for the guy lines on our dining fly, when putting a tarp over our tent as a rain fly, and for putting up a clothesline. Since it is a hitch as opposed to a knot, some will say you cannot use this hitch for the guy lines as it must be tied to a pole or rigid structure. We use this for our dining fly and rain flys all the time, tying it directly to the rope itself, and it has served us well for many years.

BOWLINE KNOTAnother basic camping knot, the bowline knot makes a loop with a knot that does not slip or jam when under tension. If you want a loop that does not get tighter and tighter, but will not loosen under a load, this is a good one. Use it to secure a line around an object, such as a tree (such as for one side of a clothesline..then use the taut line hitch for the other side so you can adjust the line and it will not sag). We also use it to secure the rope to the anchor and the thwarts on the canoe when we are canoeing.

How to find a good tent for camping?


I want a tent to take camping. I'd like to go to the beach, mountains, state parks, etc. One thing I worry about is rain. I've heard you can't get a true waterproof tent for a reasonable price, only water resistant. I don't want to spend $300 on a tent that I may not use that much. I just need enough room for a full size air mattress and to change clothes. Any suggestions? Oh, and it has to be one I can set up by myself.

Given your stated requirements a small dome or modified dome makes the most sense.

BTW, you don't want a waterproof tent. If you had one, moisture inside (from your body) condenses on the inside, and you wind up having an internal rainstorm.

Water repellency is ok. Ideal you want a tent that breathes. Over it, but not touching it, goes a waterproof fly.

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best tent for your needs. You'll find some of them discussed here:

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